Your insurance expert should make sure you are completely protected.
Anything else is unacceptable.

At Norton, Lewis & Goro, LLC, we not only help you choose the best protection for yourself or your small business, we work with you to make sure you understand the details of your policy. We offer a variety of options for our clients, and each policy is customized for your unique needs. Our job is to make sure that when a catastrophe happens, you are prepared.

We take our relationships seriously and get to know our clients. From individual life and health insurance to commercial property and worker's compensation, our team is prepared to chart the course that protects what you value most.

Norton, Lewis & Goro can build, ensure and sustain your assets with the following services:


Without the right coverage, or coverage you don’t understand, your business is at risk. At Norton, Lewis and Goro our job is to make sure that your business is protected.

Life & Benefits

Why would your coverage stay the same as your life changes? Our team works with you to help you make the best decision for yourself and your family, now and for the future.


Our business is built on relationships because insurance should be personal. We are here to protect what matters most, and if disaster strikes we are dedicated to protecting you and your family.

You have a relationship with your attorney.
You have a relationship with your accountant.
It’s time you had a relationship
with your insurance agent.


Your Business Has More Exposure to Data Breaches & Cyber Attacks Than You Think

Have you ever had this thought, “It won’t happen to me.”? More than likely the answer is, “Yes.” Let’s be honest. We have all had that thought at some point in our life, especially when we were younger. More often than not you were probably correct, it didn’t happen to you. This same thought may have even crossed your mind when it comes to computer security. “I am a small company. Hackers only go after the large corporations.” Or, “I…


Congress Amends Affordable Care Act

October’s spotlight is on group medical coverage and the rare, positive change (employer friendly) that came out of Congress last week. With all of the regulations being implemented via passage of the Affordable Care Act, employers have to really pay attention in order to stay compliant.  If a company does not stay properly diligent, then the inevitable wave of fines will be coming in the middle of next year.  Whether you agree or disagree with the law, it has definitely placed…